Rule Book UK – 2021

Champion Of Champions

NBHA is pleased to present the new project for the 2021 season , a new formula instead of the previous Top 10 & Top 15 becoming

Champion Of Champions.


1) How to qualify:

-All the National NBHA Italy events are valid for the Champion Of Champions Semi-Final qualification: Special Event, Italian Cup and National Open Championship.

– In those events the first 15 combinations with the best time for each G in the Barrel Racing  will qualify to the Semi-final (excluded the final classification).The best 10 combinations of the Pole Bending will be admitted to the Semi-final (excluded the final classification).

-The best combinations of the first division, for every valid regional Championship stage,will qualify for all the NBHA districts stages.

2) The Semi Final:

The Semi Final will take place Class in Class  in the first three GO of the last National event of the competition.

The Semi Final ranking wil be drawn up with the best time of the three GO achieved by each combination.(from lowest to highest)

The best 15 combinations of the Barrel Racing and the best 10 combinations of the Pole Bending, in the Semi Final ranking, will be admitted to the Champion of Champions Final.

 3) The Final:

 The Final will take place at the 4th day of the last National event of the competition.

 An entire Go will be dedicated to this race. Starting order both for the Barrel Racing as for the Pole Bending will be the achieved times, from the highest to the lowest one.

4) Jackpot:

The sports Jackpot includes an Added garanteed by NBHA Italy of :

€ 10.000,00

+ 100% of the registration fees

+ possible sponsors at the event

+ possible registrations at other European events which will become valid for the Semi Final qualifications.

The Jackpot will be devided only at the Finals and will be devided as follows:

Barrel Racing 5 awards – 1° class. 50% – 2° class. 20% – 3°, 4° and 5° class. 10%.

Pole Bending 4 awards – 1° class. 50% – 2° class. 25% – 3° class. 15% and 4° class. 10%.

The qualified who decides to participate to the Semi Final have to pay € 100,00 participation fee.

Participations  will be communicated to the secretary at least 15 days before the event, in order to check the qualification of the combination.

Knights can qualify with more than one horse both in de Semi Final as in the Final.

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